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Buffet warmer

Explore our selection of professional heated buffets, designed to meet the needs of your restaurant. Opt for keeping warm with our GN1/1 containers, perfectly suited for efficient cooking and careful presentation. Our gastrobuffet service series offers a self-service area, ensuring an optimal experience for your customers.

Choose your appliance from our electric models, guaranteeing the ideal temperature for each dish. With high-quality stainless steel tanks, our hot buffet allows you to prepare, maintain and present your dishes in a professional manner. Enjoy the best of catering with our range of heated buffets, including the chafing dish for optimal preparation.

Whether you need a central buffet, a display unit, or a salad bar, our assortment meets all the requirements of your kitchen. With Infrico series, discover the quality and reliability of a recognized brand in the catering sector.

Simplify your service with our dedicated series, offering a self-service space and efficient hot bath maintenance. Choose the professional heated buffet that meets your needs for efficient cooking and elegant presentation.

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